Tips for Choosing a Good and Quality Android Phone

In this modern era, it seems less complete if we do not have a smartphone with advanced features. As the name implies, a smartphone is a mobile phone equipped with an operating system (OS) with very sophisticated capabilities.

Like the Android cellphone, for example, from this Android cellphone, we can find various features that we don't encounter on ordinary cellphones, such as cellphones that still use OS Symbian or Java. Android cellphone has speed in application operation, internet and so on.

Currently on the market of used and new cellphones, various brands of Android phones are increasingly mushrooming and shifting the market of ordinary non-smartphone mobile phones and even Blackberry seems to have no more users than Android phones.

Well, so as not to be wrong in choosing an Android cellphone, you should follow various tips that have summarized the following Hapedroid.

Tips for Choosing a Good and Quality Android Phone

1. Pay attention to the CPU and RAM capacity

Like a computer, Android cellphone also has a Centralized Processing Unit (CPU) that is used to operate the system. If you want the performance and performance of your Android phone to be stable, then at least you choose Android Mobile with CPU Dual Core hardware and RAM above 2 GB, or at least 1 GB.

2. Size of the Touchscreen

Regarding the problem the size of the touchscreen screen is actually relatively relative, depending on your taste or desire. However, you should just adjust it with your comfort and needs.

For example, if you are a gamer or often use an Android cellphone for multimedia purposes, then select Android cellphone with a capatitive screen display & multitouch 16 million colors.

For its size, just adjust it to how comfortable you are when holding it (because the screen size determines the size of the cellphone). For Android phones that are used to play games, the ideal is a minimum size of 4.5 - 5 inches.

3. Battery Capacity

For those of you who are addicted to gadgets, especially smartphones, running out of battery is the same as dying style. Even though you still have a Powerbank, the habit of playing cellphones while being charged is certainly not good.

So when choosing an Android cellphone, you make sure the battery capacity is quite high, at least above 2500 mAh. In addition, it is highly recommended that you buy an Android cellphone with a Li-Ion removeable battery because it is more durable and easy to maintain.

4. Network or Internet Connection

Today, haven't you used the 4G network? Of course it will be outdated. Because 4G gives internet access both extraordinary downloads and uploads.

If by chance your residential area has been covered with a 4G network, it would be very unfortunate if you still use an Android cellphone with HSDPA ++ internet connection or even 3G.

5. Camera Quality

To support the activities of capturing your precious moments, taking selfie photos to video calls, you must consider the quality of the camera adequately. But although sometimes the resolution is the same, the quality of the photos produced between one Android cellphone and the other will certainly vary.

6. Brand

The final consideration is about the brand. Again this is actually relative. Not all Chinese-made cellphones are bad or Korean and Japanese cellphones are good. But do not just be tempted by low prices with just a few features. You must be more careful.

Well, there are various tips for choosing a good and quality Android smartphone that you should apply. Don't buy more than you can. Remember, prices do not always guarantee the quality of an item. So it must be observant in choosing yes.

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