How to Translate Texts on Pictures on an Android Phone

Translate is a service that is useful for knowing the meaning of a sentence from a foreign language that is not understood. With translate, we can change all foreign languages ​​in the world into Indonesian.

Translating a long sentence will certainly make us difficult, especially if the sentence you want to translate is in a book so you can't copy paste.

Well, if you want to translate foreign language text or sentences contained in a book or an image, you can use an Android cellphone to translate the sentence. You no longer need to bother typing, just pointing the Android camera right in the sentence, you can already find out the translation.

Curious to know how to translate the sentence in the picture on an Android cellphone? Yukk, just go to the following review.

How to Translate Posts in Pictures on Android

To translate writing on a book or picture, you need the help of a third party application that is designed to be able to translate the text in the image. The application is Google Translate. For how to use it, please follow the following tutorial:

1. Download the Google Translate application in the Play Store, then install as usual.
2. Open the application, then in the application menu first determine what language you want to translate, for example English to Indonesia.
3. Next select the Camera Icon on the left in the translate column.
4. Navigate the Android camera to the specific sentence you want to translate, whether it's in books, pictures, or other things. Try while directing the camera not too far away, so that the application can read the sentence correctly.
5. Wait a few moments when the application scans, then specify the sentence you want to translate by marking the sentence using your finger, then clicking the Right Arrow button in blue.
6. Finish, then you will see the results of the translation of the sentence that you have specified.

Well, make it easy to translate the writing or sentence in a book or picture, so you don't have to bother typing the text again.

Maybe that's one of the easy ways to translate foreign language writing on images via an Android smartphone. May be useful.

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