How to Save Android Battery When Playing Games

Playing games via an Android smartphone is indeed fun, but if a low battery warning appears it will certainly make you feel upset.

Yep, indeed the Android cellphone will definitely have a low battery, but if the warning appears with a short time, it means that there is a problem with your smartphone that causes the battery to be wasteful.

In addition to playing games, it will certainly hinder you from doing activities related to smartphones. But take it easy, because on this occasion Idlink will share tips on how to save Android battery while playing games.

How to Save Android Battery When Playing Games

With the following tips, at least it can help you to save more on the use of battery power on your smartphone, so that when you play games it can take longer. Immediately see the following review.

1. Deactivate the Application in the Background

One factor that causes Android batteries to run out quickly is because of the many applications that run in the background. The types of applications that are often active and drain a lot of battery in the background are social media applications.

This is because the social media application will continue to update interactions related to your social media account. Therefore, before you play the game you should disable applications that are running especially social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To deactivate an application that runs in the background you go to the Settings menu -> Applications -> Run -> Select the application -> Force stop.

2. Adjust Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is also one factor that causes smartphone batteries to be wasteful. The brighter the brightness of your Android screen, the more extravagant.

Therefore, set the screen brightness level as low as possible on your smartphone, in addition to saving battery and keep your eyes healthy.

3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi

Active features such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi can also drain battery power on your smartphone. Because when it's active, the feature will continue to work looking for signals even if you don't use them.

For that, make sure the feature is disabled, and just turn it on if you need it.

4. Reducing the Quality of Graphic Games

The great graphics quality of the game certainly requires a lot of internet data. So that makes the smartphone will continue to work.

This is what can drain a lot of battery power on your smartphone, besides that it can also cause your smartphone to heat up quickly.

Therefore, if possible lower the level of graphics quality in the Android game you are playing, but if there are no graphic features available you should limit playing time, because that will only worsen your smartphone.

Well, maybe that's some tips for a powerful way to save Android smartphone batteries while playing games. May be useful.

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