How to Overcome Bluetooth Cannot Send Files

Bluetooth is one of the features on a smartphone that is useful for sending files to fellow users, ranging from videos, music, images, documents, and more. Until now, bluetooth is still often used as a medium for sharing files at close range by users.

However, some users sometimes have problems not being able to send files via Bluetooth, causing errors until the force close.

Generally, some things that cause bluetooth errors or unable to send files to Android occur because the cache file piles up and is rooted so that some features don't work, stops suddenly and can't be opened or an error.

Take it easy, following IDLink will share a solution to overcome Bluetooth Android cannot send files.

How to Overcome Android Bluetooth Cannot Send Files

1. Clean the cache

Clearing the cache memory is the first solution in overcoming bluetooth that cannot send files. One of the easiest and fastest ways you can clean the cache is by using a cleaner application.

Currently there are many cache cleaning applications circulating on the Play Store that you can use for free like, Clean Master, Nox Cleaner, and many more.

2. Deleting Application Data

Deleting application data is a relatively effective way to overcome the problem of bluetooth errors. Deleting application data aims to clean temporary application files and data, such as cache, history and database.

To delete the application data you enter in the Settings menu> Additional Settings> Application Management> search for Bluetooth applications, then click Force Stop and Delete Data.

3. Restart the Android Smartphone

If the second way doesn't work, then you do it next by restarting your smartphone. Then you also unplug the sim card, memory card, and battery (if it's not a planting battery). After that, let it sit a few moments and then plug it in again and activate your smartphone.

4. Unroot an Android Smartphone

If you have rooting before, and since that time your Bluetooth smartphone can't send files, then please Unroot your Android smartphone again.

Not infrequently you can control all applications by rooting. However, sometimes rooting will make some features error or not function properly.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

If you have tried the four methods above, but it has not produced results, then the last way you have to travel is to do a Factory Reset.

However, you need to know that with factory reset all data and applications on your smartphone will be lost. Therefore, before you do a factory reset, you should first backup your data, you can move your data on a computer or laptop.

After that, do a factory reset by going to the Settings menu> Additional settings> Backup and reset, then tap Restore factory settings.

By doing a factory reset, your smartphone will be fresh again like it's still new, so that features that don't work in this case bluetooth, can recover.

Well, that was a number of solutions on how to overcome bluetooth that can't send files on Android. May be useful.

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