How to Download Smule Records to the Android Gallery

For you who like to sing and karaoke, Smule is an application that is perfect for you. You can use the Smule application as an alternative to singing karaoke with family, friends, and other people online via an Android phone.

Unfortunately, after you karaoke sing or duet with your favorite artists, you cannot get the recordings to be stored in your cellphone gallery, but can only be stored on your Smule account.

Surely it is complicated if you want to listen to the results of your karaoke record, then you have to enter the Smule account again, and of course it will also drain a lot of internet quota because listening through the application is like streaming.

Well, that's why on this occasion Hapedroid will discuss about how to download or save the smule karaoke results to the Android HP gallery. Curious to know how? let's just look at the following review.

How to Save Smule Karaoke Records to the Android Gallery

1. Open your Smule application, then select one of the karaoke results that you want to save as an mp3 file in your cellphone gallery.
2. Click the Share button, then select Copy Link.
3. then open the Browser / Chrome application on your Android phone, then open the website.
4. After opening, paste the Smule link that you copied earlier in the available column, then click the Download button.
5. Then select the Save Audio Only button or if your karaoke is in the form of a video, then select the Save Video button.
6. Wait until the download process is complete, so that your smule karaoke recordings are stored in your cellphone gallery and you can hear them directly on your Android phone.

Make it easy, save your Smule karaoke record to the Android gallery, you only need a Smule downloader recording conversion service site, one of them is the link I shared above.

Well, that's the easy way to save the Smule karaoke recordings in the Android cellphone gallery, Hopefully useful and good luck.

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