Easy Ways to Make a Recycle Bin on an Android Phone

What is a recycle bin? and what are the benefits of the recycle bin for Android smartphones? The Recycle Bin is a feature that is usually found on computers that function to store deleted data, so if you accidentally delete data or files, you can find it in the recycle bin and then restore it.

Then how do you make a recycle bin for Android? Well, what a coincidence, because on this occasion Hapedroid will discuss about an easy way to make a recycle bin on an Android smartphone. Just take a look at the following review.

Easy Ways to Make Recycle Bin on Android

To make a recycle bin on an Android phone, first you need a third party application that is designed to provide these facilities, the application is Dumpster - the Recycle Bin can be downloaded directly on the Play Store.

If you have downloaded and installed the application, please follow the usage tutorial below:

1. Open the Dumpster Recycle Bin application, then you will be directed to the settings menu to choose what types of files you can restore if you delete the file, for example file types (jpg, png) for images, (wav, mp3) for music, (mp4, avi) for videos, and other types of files. So there you just select the important file type.

2. Then click Next, then you will be directed to a page that says Dumpster is empty, it indicates that the Recycle bin on your Android cellphone has been made. On this page you can find the file you deleted and can restore if the file is needed.

3. Please try to delete a file on your Android smartphone.

4. Then reopen the Dumpster application, then you will find the file that you just deleted earlier, you can simply do a Restore to restore the file.

It's easy not to make a Recycle Bin for Android smartphones, aside from returning deleted files, you can also use this recycle bin to hide your secret files.

Well, those were tips on how to easily make a special recycle bin for Android phones. May be useful.

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