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How to Overcome Sweat Hands When Playing a Game
Post by IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

Hands that sweat when playing games on an Android phone are very annoying. Because when the hand is sweat, of course we will have difficulty controlling the game, even worse it cannot be controlled at all.

6 Tips for Caring for an Android smartphone Battery To Be Durable
Post by IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

Now a days smartphone users spend more time on their smartphone screens, because we know smartphone is one device that can facilitate us in various activities and has many uses such as playing games, searching for information, and more.

How to move files from cell phone directly to flashdisk
Post by IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

In the modern era, moving files from an Android cellphone to a direct flashdisk without a PC / laptop is no longer impossible.

Similar to moving data from a computer to a flashdisk, you also have to connect the flashdisk to a smartphone so that the flashdisk drive will appear on your smartphone. But how do you connect the flashdisk to Android? Even though the flash plug is not available on the smartphone.